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German Shepherd Photos

German Shepherd dogs and puppies from my past first , then Figo von Buchhorn and some of his Progeny, then Dino vom Team Feimereck pictures.  I hope you enjoy some of these that show a little about me.  I have had Purebred German Shepherd Dogs in my life since I was born, and still can't shake my enthusiasm for the fun associated with hanging out with my partners.  I have TONS of pictures but to load them all would make me lose my mind.  This web site building is over my head.  Hopefully you can see what kind of dogs we fancy and what kind of fun we have.
"Figo Von Buchhorn SchH11, KK1" Pictures below with some progeny, including one pup 1st place in 2012 Winnipeg Seiger Show!
Dino vom Team Fiemereck Pictures
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