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German and Turkish Shepherd
♥ For the love of the Breeds♥
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German and Turkish Shepherd Breeding Co-operative:
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Figo's Puppies are in HIGH demand.  I am getting calls every day for puppies.  I have a lot of people on my Quality Breeders list and can help you find a pup when you are looking, shipping is no problem.

“Everything has beauty, but not everyone sees it.”

I find the German Shepherd and Turkish Shepherd "Beautiful", no matter how tattered the ears, how pale the coat.  What I see is beyond the cover.  Just look into the eyes, and you shall see it too.
It is a love that knows no end, a loyalty that NONE of us are worthy of. 

      We are a co-operative located all over North America and Europe and we want to try to help breed a healthier version of these remarkable animals.  We want to increase the probability that you the purchaser will end up with a Healthy, Incredibly Loyal, Structurally Sound, Loving Family Member.  I also believe in Karma, "What you give in life, will come back to you 10 fold"!  I also pray to God, to bless our Shepherd  Puppies and their new families, may they have a wonderful life of love together.

Contact us:  info@keldenhaus.com
Thank you for taking time to visit :) 
Please visit our outstanding Shepherd Puppies for sale Page supporting many of our Associated German Shepherd and Turkish Shepherd Breeders and their puppies. 
If you want an import, we have a large European Network, that we are proud to be associated with and can help you get the pup you desire.

At your Service;
Keldenhaus Shepherd Breeders and Promoters

Keldenhaus Shepherd Breeding Cooperative and Puppies
PO Box 17, Grp 245, RR2 WINNIPEG, Manitoba R3C2E6 CA
Website: http://www.keldenhaus.com
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